Quick facts:

  • My name is Ryde. You can call me Ry for short, or Rydell for long. He/him pronouns. Gender is weird.
  • Stuck in Central FL, moved from Rhode Island, grew up in New York, born in and adopted from Russia. It’s lonely here.
  • Got Associate’s in Software Engineering in 2013. It has gotten me absolutely nowhere.
  • Identify myself primarily as a creator and an artist, and the only real source of joy I’ve been able to find is through giving anything I can to make others happy.

I’m a professional insomniac with avoidant personality disorder and early onset schizophrenia that just spent a full year in complete isolation – meaning I know that I’m a little bit bad at acting human, so please be patient with me. Or laugh, because that’s a lot better than awkward silence. 

I used to have a lot more stuff about my passions and skills written here, but lately, I’m not really too sure what to say about myself. I’m alive, but not quite sure what I’m living for. I hope I find out soon, because every day I get more and more tired of dragging myself through the days and looking forward to nothing.

But you probably knew that considering, what, a whole dozen people max know of this stupid little site of mine? Anyway. See you around.