an oft house-trapped computer obsessive with the unfortunate habit of staying up for two-or-three-or-four days at a time, then falling asleep at the desk.

(Like, notĀ even on the desk, just sort of unconscious upright in the damn chair. Come on, consciousness, what’s up with that?)

The quick facts:

  • Living in Central FL, moved from Rhode Island, grew up in New York, was born in and adopted from Russia

    A real, live(?) creature of the night
  • Currently 22 years old and an Aries
  • Got Associate’s in Software Engineering in 2013
  • A bit more part-vampire or some hideous creature of the undead than human
  • Identify myself primarily as a creator and an artist, and get joy out of creating things that make other people happy


Life isn’t the easiest being professionally avoidant and a little extremely people-inept, but I’ve made it this far and don’t intend to drop out of the race now.

So, I do a lot of things, really. I’m a professional odd-jobs master with a million and a half weird, niche skills that I am rather proud of.

I make games – which you can check out with that handy link up at top – I do graphic design, I write, I draw, I take pictures, I… well, click around and you’ll see.

Point is: here I am, attempting to make a more tangible digital presence for myself than just on some silly microblogging platform that gets a monthly update.

Maybe my gumption to get this powered through has to do with me having some deep inner existential crisis about wanting to leave a mark on the world and not be completely forgotten. Maybe I just wanna try to find a way to make money to pay my overdue bills somewhere along the way. Or, maybe I’m just staring at the screen, sleep-deprived, and over-thinking it.

Oh, hell yeah I am.

I’m usually a little more colorful.

So, that’s me. I think. It’s the person writing this, who is me, who has a very hard time saying things definitively about themselves. You’ll learn far better if you read along and explore my works, if you choose to do so – I find I explain myself better through my mediums than through direct words.

It’s kinda hard to be a people, lately, but I miss being and feeling human and feeling an honest desire to want to thrive and live in this world, and obtain the best life possible.

Anyway, I’ll get to updating this a bit better at a later point, but for now, I guess that covers the basics. Let me know if I can do something for you. I love a new challenge.