if you owe me any money for any services, games, etc, here’s how you can get square with me and make my day a lot brighter!

on google pay ( (preferred): 

  • log in to your gmail account and click “send” on the side. address it to, please put a memo in as to what the payment is towards

on paypal:

  • my direct paypal account link is but paypal likes to hold my funds for whatever reason so it’s not my favorite

check, cash, or direct deposit:

text or email me or something if you wanna work something like that out if it’s easier for you. i don’t have a permanent address right now so mail is a no-go, unfortunately.


if you are uncertain of how much you owe, especially if it is a longer term project, please do let me know and i would be happy to send you a full invoice.

if we discussed a flat fee, you may pay that in multiple parts as you see fit as long as you please do not forget to do it eventually.

if we did not talk about pricing or i just did some weekend work for you, just toss a few bucks my way; use your discretion. if work can be measured in hours i can provide the duration it took.