• It’s okay to be wrong. Acknowledging and admitting, both to yourself and to others, that you can be wrong, is a freeing thing. To hold yourself to the standard of knowing everything is to put an unnecessary burden upon yourself.


  • Using words like “never” and “always” can be very harmful to the productiveness of an argument.


Doing this, while seemingly just a matter of semantics, can greatly impact an argument. When you phrase a statement like “you never listen to me”, it puts the other person in a position where they have to defend themselves.

  • If you have to engage in an argument, always enter with a goal or ideal outcome in mind. Do you want to be understood? Do you want to find a compromise? Do you want to understand? Arguing and fighting for nothing is unhealthy, and a waste of time.


  • Don’t actually wait for your turn to talk; listen.


  • Recovery is not linear. Just because you have a bad day or week or month or anything does not mean that the progress you have made thus far was for nothing. Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward.


  • Growing up isn’t about needing to be 100% self-reliant. It’s significantly more important to learn and accept when you need help from others, and learn that there is no shame in it.


  • Life is ever-changing – let that be a source of comfort rather than of fear. Enjoy things even if there’s no guarantee it’s forever. Don’t treat life like it’s a transitory period – that way you will not enjoy what is in front of you.


  • You can’t control someone’s reaction to what you say or do. You can only do your best to portray your meaning as clearly as possible.


  • Do not try and force someone to stay if their heart is not in it.


  • Understand that everyone has a vastly different perspective and perception of life than you do. One’s actions and reactions are made through their own self bias.


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